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  • Mini PC Systems

    Mini PC Systems - Best Mini PC Systems
    Tiny PC computers are compact and ultra-slim – they can fit almost anywhere, no matter how tight the quarters! They’re sleek and save tons of space compared to their bulkier desktop computer counterparts. And if you’re in the market for one, you’re in the right place. The powerful micro PCs available here rival traditional desktop computers in both performance and capacity. Whether you’re one for the MSI Cubi Mini PC with its modern technology and polished design or you prefer the AOPEN Digital Engine DE5100I with its dual channel memory and 1080 video playback, you know you’ll be getting the best quality product out there. What’s more, here at TheBookPC, we pride ourselves on offering top customer service – it is our priority to address any questions or issues you may have as quickly as possible. Check out our selection here for the ultra-small form factor PC you’ve had your eye on, and enjoy all the functionality you need in a tiny PC system.
  • Book-Sized PC Systems

    Book-Sized PC Systems
    Book PC Systems get their name from their ultra slim PC case that’s no bigger than a book. Book PC Systems are space saving, sleek mini PC systems that rival traditional larger desktop computers in power and performance.
  • Cube-Style PC Systems

    Shuttle Cube PC Systems

    Looking for a computer with the capability of a standard desktop but without taking up nearly as much space? Our Cube PC Systems are ultra-compact, sleek, small computer systems that are physically smaller than a conventional PC but provide all the performance you expect and need. The small cube computers available here will surprise you with their capacity and power, especially since they can fit almost anywhere.

    Whether you’re looking at these products from a business perspective or as a private consumer, you’ll find these can get the job done – and for great prices, too. You’ll get a fully equipped Mini PC with additional components not found in typical small form factor barebones computers like CPU, memory, drives and input devices. The Shuttle XPC accepts the same type of PC components which are also found in much bigger computer systems.

    Check out these shuttle computers and rest assured you’re choosing from only the best products out there. We’ve been in the business for over a decade, so we know this industry like the backs of our hands. Feel free to reach out to us with any and all questions you may have about what you see here. Or if you know what you want, order now!

  • Rackmount Systems (Short-Depth)

    Our line of rackmounts are not as deep as traditional rackmounts: measuring at only 15.25-15.7" deep, this allows them to weigh less than average rackmounts while still providing you with the performance you need.
  • LCD PC Systems (All-In-One)

    LCD PC Systems (All-in-One)
    A LCD PC System is an all-in-one desktop computer that’s no bigger than your current monitor. LCD PC Systems are user friendly PCs that have revolutionized the PC industry. Unlike bulky traditional desktop PC’s these slim LCD PCs save you desk space without sacrificing power or performance. You get a high quality monitor with great color, powerful features and strong network adaptability and multi-interface ability.
  • Mini LCDs

    Mini LCDs
    If space is an issue, you don't just need a small PC; you need a small, space-saving screen to go with it. The Book PC carries small LCD monitors that are perfect for all your mini PC uses.