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  • Digital Signage Player

    Digital Signage Computers

    Digital Signage is a fast growing and effective form of advertising today – and it is made possible by digital signage PCs. These PCs display content and messages on an electronic screen in order to deliver targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. The PCs available here serve this very purpose, and do so to an exceptional degree; you won’t be disappointed by the abilities of these media players!

    A digital signage PC is used to create and control the scrolling or static message boards, LCD, or plasma display panels. And here at TheBookPC, you’ll find HD digital signage media players that deliver the quality you expect from technology of this caliber. Whether you’re looking for a digital signage player for commercial display or for private use, the selection here is the best available.

    Digital signage offers superior return on investment compared to traditional printed signs. Forget complicated, clunky machinery that ends up slowing you down – these products will provide the signage you’ve envisioned easily and efficiently. Order yours today!

  • Kiosks

    Custom Kiosk Computers

    When you’re responsible for managing self-service kiosks, you know the importance of having reliable technology to run them – and perhaps know the difficulties that can arise in finding that technology. With The Book PC, you’ll get top-of-the-line mini PCs that are the perfect kiosk hardware components for both their size and their power.

    Rugged, small and low-maintenance, the mini PCs you find on this page are the perfect choice for making sure your kiosks provide the powerful interactive experience with maximum uptime that you need and have come to expect. Don’t put yourself in the difficult position of shutting down a kiosk – or multiple kiosks – due to malfunction. Maintain full capacity with our kiosk PC hardware and say goodbye to the headaches of hold-ups! Plus, our self-service kiosk technology is available at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Order yours today!

  • Medical Carts

    Mini PCs for Medical Laptop Carts

    Every square inch of space on a medical cart is valuable for all important items being transported – which is why having a small computer to run the technology is essential. Small and low-power, our mini PCs are the perfect thing. The tiny PC computer for hospital carts you’ve been looking for is here. Take a look at our selection!

    The small size of these medical cart PCs means they won’t get in the way of your work, and their low-power consumption means they’ll last for the duration, which is especially important on battery-powered carts. A medical computer on wheels doesn’t have to be a clunky, heavy item that slows you down. Invest in one of these high-quality pieces of hardware and know that you’ll be operating with the best technology available on the market today!

  • Marine & Automotive

    Mini Auto & Marine PCs

    Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean your technology shouldn’t hold up to your expectations. Make sure you’ve got the power behind the machine with our custom car PCs and mini auto PCs. Both on a boat or in a car, space is at a premium, so you won’t have many of the options that are available for other uses. Compromising isn’t the solution – instead, check out our selection of mini PCs here!

    You’ll find a variety of small, rugged and powerful PCs that will keep up with whatever tasks you’re using them for, whether as a GPS to guide you or to run charting software to make sure you don’t run aground. The in-car computer systems offered here will surpass your expectations, as will our boat computer systems, available from trusted brands like Intel, AOpen and Shuttle. An investment in one of these machines will last over time and keep up with your needs, whether out on the water or traveling over solid land.

  • Dental Operatory

    Medical PCs for Dentists

    A dentist’s office is a bustling place, with patients constantly coming and going . The technology behind keeping everything in order needs to be powerful and robust to keep up with the flow day in and day out. Our mini PCs are the best option for this task.

    Holding the distinction of one of the top dental computers available on the market today, our PCs are small, yet sturdy; plus they’re designed to keep up with all the tasks a dentists’ office could need, from digital radiography to chairside computing. Our mini computer support for dentists available will not only help make offices paperless, but also more efficient and streamlined.

    Small but powerful, our mini PCs are perfect for all the needs of a dental office, including digital radiography, chairside computing and more. And the prices can’t be beat. Don’t settle for products that may malfunction under stress. Invest in the best with The Book PC! You’ll thank yourself down the line as your new PC holds up to the test of time – and power.

  • Point of Sale (POS)

    Point of Sale (POS)

    Our affordable BookPCs will save you retail space and money. Our line of small, performance-packed Mini PCs are specifically designed for POS processing.
  • Home & Office

    Home and Office Mini PCs

    Give your home or office a nice, clutter-free look. Replace those bulky towers with small, slim, powerful mini workstations.