VAR Resources is a IT Lease and Finance company. With over 25 years of experience, our account managers are able to provide you with low rates, a variety of term options and the highest approval percentage in the industry.

Our financing options can help you to conserve capital, preserve credit and manage your budget more efficiently. Leasing typically involves a minimum outlay of cash and features low, fixed payments over an extended term. The entire process is convenient and a dedicated leasing specialist will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

Conservation of Capital
Leasing provides businesses with the ability to conserve working capital by requiring only a minimum outlay of cash; usually just the first and last payments. This frees up working capital for other profit generating areas such as inventory, production, marketing, research and development, etc.

Preservation of Credit
All businesses have access to limited bank lines of credit. Operating lines, loans, mortgages and other term facilities must be kept within the bank's total exposure limit for that business. By utilizing financing, a businesses’ bank line of credit is ready, should a business opportunity or unexpected demand for cash occur.

Payment Flexibility
Leasing can be tailored to fit a businesses’ budget requirement. With a variety of payment options like deferred payments, no down payments and other alternative solutions, leasing can accommodate business needs. Low, fixed payments simplify the budgeting of monthly payments, and allow businesses to pay as they use their TheBookPC Solution.

End of Lease Options
Through leasing, there are multiple end of lease purchase options available to a business. Leasing also provides a business with the ability to upgrade, add on and trade up as necessary.

Leasing doesn’t have to be overly complex. A business will spend a very minimal amount of time arranging a lease and a dedicated leasing specialist will walk you through the process step-by-step.

If you plan on purchasing a minimum of $2500 worth of equipment from us, consider leasing! Rates are as low as $74.70/mo for $2500, $146.55/mo for $5000, and $286.10/mo for $10,000 if you lease for 36 months.

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