Software Installation

Windows 10 Home & Professional

TheBookPC is a Microsoft OEM partner offering all current versions of Microsoft operating systems. When you configure and order a PC with a Windows operating system it comes pre-installed with the latest drivers and available updates. We do not install any third-party or trial software on the unit; just a clean installation of the operating system you choose. Included in the box with your system will be the OEM copy of Windows as well as a genuine COA affixed to your unit.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

In addition to being a Windows OEM partner TheBookPC is also a Windows Embedded partner. Windows Embedded delivers the performance, reliability and flexibility of Windows in modular form to meet the specific requirements of an industry device. We staff certified software engineers in house that are trained in Windows Embedded development that will work with you to create an installation that will work for your needs.


Every computer that leaves our facility is flashed with the latest BIOS from the manufacturer. In addition we go through and load the optimized settings so you get the most out of your PC. We are also able to customize the BIOS by creating your own splash screen or embedding the serial number of the unit into the BIOS.


TheBookPC also offers disk imaging solutions, often at no additional charge, with the purchase of a Microsoft operating system. Ordering multiple PC’s from us and installing your software on each unit can be very time consuming. Why not load all your software on one unit, send it back to us to image, we save it and deploy on all future units you purchase. Ask your account manager for details.