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Custom Kiosk Computers

When you’re responsible for managing self-service kiosks, you know the importance of having reliable technology to run them – and perhaps know the difficulties that can arise in finding that technology. With The Book PC, you’ll get top-of-the-line mini PCs that are the perfect kiosk hardware components for both their size and their power.

Rugged, small and low-maintenance, the mini PCs you find on this page are the perfect choice for making sure your kiosks provide the powerful interactive experience with maximum uptime that you need and have come to expect. Don’t put yourself in the difficult position of shutting down a kiosk – or multiple kiosks – due to malfunction. Maintain full capacity with our kiosk PC hardware and say goodbye to the headaches of hold-ups! Plus, our self-service kiosk technology is available at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Order yours today!