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inReality focuses on collecting, organizing and delivering metrics associated with consumer behavior (traffic, impressions, dwell, engagement) with key attributes (mood, gender, age) using linux based devices connected to shelf level or security cameras.
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InReality U200 USB Image Sensor InReality U200 USB Image Sensor

- Pinhole camera ideal for collecting analytics at the shelf edge.

Base Price: $109.00
inReality Basic inReality Basic

- Supports inReality's Audience and Awareness Analytics Agents.
- Use when connecting to a single camera or IoT data source.

Base Price: $250.00
inReality Advanced inReality Advanced

- Supports inReality's Audience, Awareness, Responsive and Interactive Analytics Agents.
- Use when connecting to a single camera and one additional IoT datasource.
- Also supports driving a digital screen.

Base Price: $430.00
InReality Enterprise (5 camera) InReality Enterprise (5 camera)

- IT Closet Appliance for analyzing security cameras
- Supports up to 5 RTSP Streams (IP Cameras)

Base Price: $700.00
We enable the partner to focus on customer relationships and selling.   We don’t burden them with learning how to setup and configure our technology. When you order an inReality media player through TheBookPC, we will have it all configured and ready to go when you open the box.